Here are some recent testimonials from some of the schools we have visited:

“It was so cool” (about launching a rocket experiment)

“Wow, that’s fun” (rainbow experiment)

“My favourite was a rocket thing.”

“It was really fun, the telescope was great.” 


Charlotte, Oakley School, Tunbridge Wells

“It was really exciting, my favourite activity was a solar panel experiment. It made lots of noise on the sunlight.”

"The water rocket went down incredibly well with all pupils and they have been talking about it for long after the workshop!

Thank you again to yourself and Gareth for organising the workshops – they were brilliant!"

May 2019

'Wow what a fantastic day! Electricity is usually an abstract idea, but with Dr Gareth the concept of electricity really comes to life! A great day, delivered by a great Educator! Diolch" 

Dafydd, Science Lead, Ysgol Gymraeg Caerffili

May 2019

“Dr Francis was absolutely amazing, he took the children's questions and answered them in engaging and understandable ways.  The activities allowed the children to really investigate light, while developing an understanding of how light works.  Thank you!

Bryn, Elangeni Primary School, Bucks

February 2019

The 'Sensory Science' workshops were great. The feedback from all teachers was fantastic. The level of different activities was well thought of and perfect for different groups of our pupils and they had much fun on the day. We all enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much again."

Sylwia, Mapledown School, London

May 2019

“Thank you so much to Gareth for coming in! The feedback from staff and pupils has been really positive and we were so impressed with the thought, preparation and effort that went into the workshops.  

One teacher emailed me to say: “my kids loved the science workshop and were really focused and engaged”

Charlotte, Oakley School, Tunbridge Wells

Can I just say a huge thank you to Gareth and your team for our workshop on Tuesday. All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and the assembly at the end of the day sent the children home buzzing with excitement! Thank you again.”


Kathy; Colneis Junior School, Felixstowe Nov 2018

“We really enjoyed having Gareth in, and the children all loved the sessions.

Dr. Gareth’s eco-electricity sessions were excellent. He was very knowledgeable of the topic involved, and brought enough equipment so that every child could get hands-on with the science. Thank you very much!”

Mr B. C. Stevenson, Gayhurst School, Bucks, Oct 2018

“The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed their time with Dr Gareth. He really brought Science to life for them and deepened their appreciation of its role in their lives. October 2018.”

Mark Needham, Haslemere Primary School, Surrey Oct 2018

Space, Stars and the Universe workshop

“Year 2 loved their Space workshop with Dr. Francis. They were fascinated by the facts they learned and have used their experience to help them write a space narrative in English!

Click the link below to view our website which has some photos and videos from the day”


Rocks, minerals and fossils workshop

"Many thanks for all your hard work On Tuesday. Yet again you blew us away with all your enthusiasm and range of activities for the children to learn from and join in with. I know that all the staff who worked with you really enjoyed the session and the children were completely absorbed and buzzing from the workshop.

Mike Harrison St Andrew's Church of England Primary School
Sensory Science Workshop

Please thank Gareth for coming to spend time with us! We have had excellent feedback from all the staff and students. There was a fantastic array of things to do and see, suitable for all levels of ability in our school. It's also given us plenty of ideas for new things to try in our classrooms! (Some people are already planning on making air cannons)

We very much look forward to another visit from Gareth in the future!

Sylwia Mapledown School, North London

Thank you Gareth for a fantastic party, you squeezed in so much and the kids all loved it. You managed to engage with an extremely lively and excited group of 7/8 year old boys and many of their mums have sent me messages to say how much their sons enjoyed the party. Thank you again.

Mrs Persad Science Party Parent

'I just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic day of Light and Electricity Dr Gareth! All of the children loved it and learnt a great deal about the topic. The workshop was engaging, fun and informative - the perfect combination! Many thanks again, we will certainly be recommending you to other people.​'

Mrs E Broad Marden Primary School.

"Gareth was absolutely brilliant, dashing around, keeping fifteen 6/7 year olds entertained for nearly three hours! The science was non-stop, and the kids had a fantastic time (and maybe even learned a little something along the way). I'd highly recommend Working Science! Thanks!" 

December 2017 Parent

On behalf of all of Year 4, we would like to say thank you for an amazing [Sounds & Vibrations] day. The children and adults really enjoyed it. They will definitely remember many things they learnt.

Year 4 Teacher Kirton Primary School, Boston, Lincs

We had Gareth visit us and bring along his equipment for the workshop "Getting into Space". 

The children had a wonderful time, Gareth came prepared with many demonstrations and videos to explain about the subject and was eager to answer all the questions the children had. Which was good, as our classes were full of questions. The astronaut ice cream was a lovely touch to end the session too. Thank you for your hard work.

Year 5 Teacher London Fields Primary School, Hackney

Wow! What a fantastic day. 
All the children really enjoyed their hands on [Bubble-bath & Bath-bombs] experience and Gareth captured their enthusiasm. All the adults loved the aroma that floated around the school. We will definitely have you back!!

KS2 Teacher Buckland Primary School, Surrey

Thank you for the wonderful [Getting into Space] workshop.

Year 2 Teacher Christ Church C of E Primary, Erith, Kent

The [Changing States] workshop last week was fantastic and exactly what we were looking for. The children were engaged, had fun and learnt a lot. In fact one parent was speaking to me about it yesterday and said that her son did not stop talking about it all night.

Year 3 Teacher Primary School, Battersea

“The whole school was buzzing after the interactive assembly taster of science fun. It was so lovely that all the year groups got the opportunity to see some science in action. It really got all the kids thinking from the very youngest reception child, who literally couldn’t contain himself with the excitement at the smoke gun! The eco-electricity session for our year 5/6 children was fantastic and I was so impressed with all the resources you provided. The children got really inspired and interested about green energy and have seen it as one of the highlights of Science this year.” 

Mrs Jameson

THANK YOU so much for the fabulous [Eco-Electricity and Sounds & Vibration] workshops that Dr Gareth delivered. We all totally loved them and it was an incredible opportunity for our pupils to see and handle equipment/resources that we simply cannot provide for them.
It was a great day. We would hope to book again for the next year.

Year 6 Teacher Ivybridge Primary, Isleworth

We very much enjoyed our talk on Eco Electricity and the children found the hands on approach exciting. The materials used were fantastic and everyone loved making a battery with a lemon and a potato. It tied into our topic on electricity very nicely.

Miss Le Var and Mrs Moll Primary school teachers, year 2, Bethnal Green www.gatehouseschool.co.uk

Just wanted to say a huge thank you! The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the perfume workshops and the assembly was a great success too. We'll be using you again.

Teacher St Katherine's CEP, Knockholt

Things the children learnt about...
We learnt about worm holes and black holes.
We learnt about planets and the different gravity on planets.
We learnt that stars have a life cycle and about red giants.

Memorable Moments
I liked it when we saw the dry ice. The frozen oranges were cool!
I found the gravity experiment really interesting. I liked it when the balls moved around showing us how things orbit.  

Ms French Science Teacher, London

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What the Children Say

Here are some quotes from the children themselves...

"My favourite part was the leaf blower. I was laughing too much!""There were loads more activities. I loved all of them. I felt like a real scientist!""I had a brilliant, excellent, enjoyable day!"

"I found it kind of weird when we used fruit as a battery... It worked though!"

"In the assembly I was really excited and when you made a smoke circle I wondered how you do all things like that."

"Fruit can make electricity... Simple but brilliant!!"

"This is the best day of my life!""This morning we had a great experience with a scientist called Dr Francis who taught us about famous scientists and what they discovered or invented.  Faraday's theory was about magnets and electricity, he made the first ever electric motor.  He invented a way to make electricity for our houses.  We even got to see how it worked for ourselves."

"Making our bath bombs was awesome!  When I put it in the bath it exploded and the water went pink!""My hands were really messy!  We got to take the bubble bath home and use it in our bath, it smelt really nice.""After the bath bombs workshop our classroom smelt fantastic!""We put powder in the bomb and chose what colour we wanted it to be.  Finally we chose what shape we wanted it to be.  It was great and the water at home went pink when I used my bath bomb!"

"I loved using the fans because it left me with lots of questions""I really liked using the fruit batteries as I didn't know you could put copper and zinc in a lemon and it would make electricity""I really enjoyed the buzzer and radio section because you connected it and then all you did was put it next to the light and ta-da it works!  It's like magic but it's not"

"I liked the fizzing volcano best!"

That rocket was the best!""Yeah, awesome!"

"My favourite part of the day was when we combined vinegar and baking powder and we made mini volcanoes.  I've learnt lots from this and I hope we do it again."

"I loved making the circuits and seeing the different motors and machines work. I want Science to be this fun everyday!"

"Thank you very much for helping us to learn how to make the most wonderfully smelling perfumes"

"Thank you for teaching us, I learned a lot. I enjoyed the solar panels the most. I had no idea that potatoes and lemons can conduct electricity! Everything was cool I loved it. Please come again. Thank you very much."  

"On Tuesday Dr Francis came in to teach us how a TV works. We had to get a magnet to see how it affects the TV screen. The TV went 3 different colours. It felt really cool and amazing to see how a magnet affects the screen, I liked the activity it was really fun."Year 6 Pupil - Egerton Primary School

"In the science workshop we looked at the back of a TV, all the different pixels and how three colour can become millions. We learnt that is light is shone through a crystal onto a piece of white paper it will make a rainbow on the paper."

 "We looked at the way a TV works at Dr Francis's workshop, I really enjoyed it because I found out that the graphics are made out of tiny little particles of red, blue and green. We got to explore loads of things like a DVD player and got to wire them up to a battery to make them work."

 "When we saw all the pixels with no colours and dull colours it looked weird and then when we shined the light on it the pixels went multi-coloured. It was amazing, awesome and very clever. The bit I enjoyed the most was when we had to succeed in using motors."

"Making our bath bombs was awesome!  When I put it in the bath it exploded and the water went pink!""My hands were really messy!  We got to take the bubble bath home and use it in our bath, it smelt really nice.""After the bath bombs workshop our classroom smelt fantastic!""We put powder in the bomb and chose what colour we wanted it to be.  Finally we chose what shape we wanted it to be.  It was great and the water at home went pink when I used my bath bomb!"

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Primary Science CPD sessions

Primary Science CPD sessions

In this session we will set up practical science experiments for teachers to experiment with, introducing interesting equipment that can make your teaching more exciting. We explain the science behind the experiments, where necessary, up to a GSCE level. This will be followed by an interactive question and answer session to expand these subjects so that teachers will have the knowledge and confidence to answer any questions posed by their pupils. We will also discuss any experiments, recipes and equipment needed to do certain activities that teachers might like to attempt in their classes, to extend and liven up their science teaching and to aid with developing a progression from year to year with subjects such as electrical circuits.

Topics to cover:

Equal and opposite forces – drawing and explaining balanced forces, rockets

Flows of electricity, circuits, commercial circuit boards, motors, generating electricity – using wind generators, fruit, solar panels etc.

Splitting up light, into the colours of the spectrum, bending light in transparent materials and from mirrors, optical fibres

Objects in space, day and night, shadows, phases of the moon, life cycle of stars, formation of the solar system, gravity and the bending of space

Mixing chemicals together to make different chemicals – acids and alkalis and purple cabage indicator, making slime from PVA glue

Seeing vibrations and the kinds of materials that sound travels best in

A way of separating dyes using the solubility of those dyes in water

Please contact Dr Gareth Francis to discuss your requirements and tailor a CPD session for your school.

Contact Dr Gareth Francis

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‘Sensory’ Science days for Special Schools

‘Sensory’ Science days for Special Schools

Our workshops provide the excitement and fascination of science, with sensory activities to thrill children of all ages in Special Schools. In these tailored workshops the emphasis is set on providing a sensory experience for the children that will engage and stimulate pupils. The workshops are designed to suit learners who are achieving at P- levels and National curriculum levels.

The very practical and sensory nature of the sessions means that they are accessible to and enjoyed by pupils with Profound and Multiple learning difficulties and severe learning difficulties as well as a more academically able population. The work is especially designed to capture the attention of those pupils who may find more traditional workshops hard to engage: with for example pupils with autism love the very visual way that cause and effect is demonstrated to them. All sessions are very hands on and practical, and seek to allow the children to interact with our dedicated resources to through the exploration of visual and practical activities including making light and colours, exploding rockets and volcanos, building structures from simple materials (e.g. Spaghetti and marshmallows) and creating electricity from fruit and vegetables.

Making rockets using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to launch rockets, and launching water rockets high into the air.

Using torches and coloured gels and optical fibres to mix different colours, with light and plasma balls to provide enchanting lighting experiences.

Exploring shapes and structures that can be used to build structures, shapes based on triangles like pyramids are able to support structures, however, others like cubes do not support structures but twist and collapse without triangles incorporated to provide stability.

Building circuits using fruit - to power clocks and calculators, amazing children that electricity can be made with fruit. This includes making connections with crocodile clips and using different metals to connect to the fruit.

A messy but fun activity, demonstrating that when you mix two chemicals together you can get a powerful reaction that can spray red ‘lava’(foam) out of a bottle or squirt it in the air.

More mixing of chemicals to produce a slimy coloured plastic material from PVA glue which can be handled, squashed and shaped and eventually produces a solid material which bounces (a bit!).

Dr Francis is a doctor of physics and astrophysics who has a passion for exciting children about physics. He has a wide knowledge of science and its uses in work and industry. He has been a scientific researcher and has 12 years’ experience of the use of science in business with many industrial examples to share.

Please contact us to tailor a workshop for your school.

Contact Gareth

Make a Booking

Call 07504 691138

All equipment and supplies will be supplied for the sessions. Schools need to provide a classroom or hall with tables and a computer and projector for the sessions. All sessions are tailored for all the year and ability of the group and can range from 3⁄4 hour to 1 1⁄2 hours long depending on your requirements.

"Dr Gareth Francis was the best value outside educator we have invited in. His activities were entirely based at the right level for our very complex students and our pupils whose ability ranges from P1ii to NC level 2 loved the workshops he provided. They were so engaged and fascinated that without exception all groups managed to participate for up to 45 minutes, something with is quite rare for some of our students. Watching the sheer delight on pupils' faces as the rockets launched to the ceiling and the satisfaction they felt when the fruit battery actually worked was matched only by the interest and fascination shown by pupils' sensorial investigation of the plasma balls and fibre optics. Dr Francis observed and responded warmly and flexibly to the different and complex needs of our students and this made our primary and secondary science day a thrilling event for all. Highly recommended to all special schools."

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Primary Science Workshops

Hands on School & Space Workshops for Primary Schools

Working Science

About Working Science

Working Science provides amazing hands-on science workshops for children in primary schools. All of our workshops are delivered by an experienced science communicator, with a PhD in Physics and Astrophysics. Dr Gareth loves exciting children with his love of science, check out his ongoing science adventures across the world. Our workshops are ideal for children in Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2

We aim to thrill pupils by providing “Wow” science demonstrations and offering hands-on practical activities to provide an unforgettable learning experience.


Catch Dr Gareth in the Space Gallery the Science Museum in London. He gives engaging presentations at weekends in the Space Gallery about the planets and our Solar System. He usually gives 3 presentations each day on the “Science on a Sphere” facility in the Space Gallery.

Come along and see him. Check with him for upcoming dates.

Science Testimonials

Teachers give us outstanding reviews saying:

"We would recommend these workshops without hesitation”.

"Thank you for helping us to make our brilliant bubbling bath bombs! Love from Class 3"

"Thank you for our wonderful and exciting day."

More testimonials,,,


Science is a voyage of exploration and discovery. It requires careful observations, fair testing and objective reasoning. Science is often a subject that primary teachers are less confident in teaching. It also requires specialist resources and takes time to prepare good interesting lessons. Working Science attempts to overcome this gap in knowledge and resources with our science workshops.

Our science workshops allow children to try hands on investigations to stimulate questioning and kinaesthetic learning in a safe controlled environment.

We provide science experiences that complement and extend the learning of science in the National Curriculum at KS1 and KS2. Pupils can investigate solar power, wind power, make batteries from potatoes and experiment with static electricity and commercial circuit boards. Our Workshops cover the topics of light, electricity and materials using scientific investigation techniques, fair tests and reasoning.

We have prepared a range of science workshops that have been tested in schools and have be found to be stimulating and enjoyable.  They allow children to extend their learning by exploring equipment and using real world science examples that they would not usually see to anchor science concepts.

The teachers we meet are often just as excited as the children to find out how our experiments work. Often we hear that they learned something new from our workshops, which has increased their confidence for teaching science.

Science Workshops designed for Primary Schools

  • ‘Hands-on’ Science

    Our science workshops allow children to try ‘hands-on’ science to stimulate questioning and kinaesthetic learning in a safe controlled environment.

    Read more

  • Downsview School, Brighton

    'Sensory Science Workshops'

    Our unique 'Sensory Science Workshops' have been developed specifically to thrill and engage children of all ages with special educational needs.

    Read more

  • Primary Science CPD Sessions

    Primary Science CPD Sessions

    We have also developed and trialled a Primary Science CPD Session for primary school teachers to increase confidence with the teaching of science subjects and to provide ideas for equipment and exciting science investigations in class.

    Read more

  • Science Parties

    We also provide science parties for children from ages 6-10 (near Tunbridge Wells and South London), with rockets, slime, ice cream making and other activities.

    Read more

Space Workshops like No Other

  • Discovering Space

    Space, Stars and the Universe Workshop

    Engages children to with facts about the planets, comets, meteorites, stars, black holes and galaxies.

    Read more

  • Getting into Space - Nasa Launch The Shuttle

    "Getting into Space" Workshop

    Teaches children about rockets, launching into space, the space shuttle, living in space, the ISS, and NASA and ESA missions to the moon and Mars

    Read more

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Science Fun DVD

Get our new DVD of fun science experiments – Free to schools

"How to make fake snow"
"How to make dry ice"

Get  your free copy here...

DBS Checked

We are fully DBS checked and insured to work in your school.

Booking is easy and hassle free, just email us or book a workshop today.

Private Tutoring

We provide tutoring for students in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics up to GCSE level, and mathematics at A -level.

We are proud to have provided science workshops for Dow Silicones during British Science Week 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Science Workshops

for Primary Schools

Available dates always book up fast, so make sure you get the date you want and book for next term now!

Science Club

Afterschool Science Club for our school

Each week we do practical science experiments covering different aspects of science, from electricity generation to making slime and perfumes.

There is no lower limit to the number of children but 15 is a good manageable number of children in each session.

Our Afterschool Science clubs run for 1 hour after school one day a week. Our afterschool clubs in Newick Primary, Shipbourne Primary, Claremont Primary and Buxted Primary Schools have all been well attended and enjoyed by the children.

If you are interested in having an Afterschool Science Club in your school. Ask your school to get in touch with us.

The Tutors

Dr Gareth Francis – Working Science Owner and Manager

Our workshops and science days have been developed by a PhD physicist with extensive background knowledge of how science is used in research and industry. 

Dr Gareth Francis is easily approachable and loves to enthuse children about science.  Your pupils can ask him anything they want to know about science and he will provide answers! 

He has a degree in Physics and Astrophysics and a PhD in Nanotechnology.  He has also previously worked in business for the 12 years and can provide real life examples of science in action to school children.

He has been fully DBS checked and is insured to run science workshops in schools and other venues.

Get in Touch

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