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Here are some quotes from the children themselves...


"My favourite part was the leaf blower. I was laughing too much!"
"There were loads more activities. I loved all of them. I felt like a real scientist!"
"I had a brilliant, excellent, enjoyable day!"
Diary entries of Year 4 pupils - Kirton Primary, Lincolnshire

"I found it kind of weird when we used fruit as a battery... It worked though!"
Year 5/6 pupil - Holy Trinity School, Lower Beeding

"In the assembly I was really excited and when you made a smoke circle I wondered how you do all things like that."
Year 5/6 pupil - Holy Trinity School, Lower Beeding

"Fruit can make electricity... Simple but brilliant!!"
Year 5/6 pupil - Holy Trinity School, Lower Beeding

"This is the best day of my life!"
"This morning we had a great experience with a scientist called Dr Francis who taught us about famous scientists and what they discovered or invented.  Faraday's theory was about magnets and electricity, he made the first ever electric motor.  He invented a way to make electricity for our houses.  We even got to see how it worked for ourselves."
Year 5 pupils - Home Farm Primary School, Colchester

"Making our bath bombs was awesome!  When I put it in the bath it exploded and the water went pink!"
"My hands were really messy!  We got to take the bubble bath home and use it in our bath, it smelt really nice."
"After the bath bombs workshop our classroom smelt fantastic!"
"We put powder in the bomb and chose what colour we wanted it to be.  Finally we chose what shape we wanted it to be.  It was great and the water at home went pink when I used my bath bomb!"
Year 2 pupils - Hoo St. Werburgh Primary School, Rochester

"I loved using the fans because it left me with lots of questions"
"I really liked using the fruit batteries as I didn't know you could put copper and zinc in a lemon and it would make electricity"
"I really enjoyed the buzzer and radio section because you connected it and then all you did was put it next to the light and ta-da it works!  It's like magic but it's not"
Year 3 & 4 pupils - Bilton Grange Community Primary School, Harrogate

"I liked the fizzing volcano best!"
Pupil - Medina House School, Isle of Wight

"That rocket was the best!"
"Yeah, awesome!"
Two Year 6 Pupils - St Barnabas Primary, Tunbridge Wells

"My favourite part of the day was when we combined vinegar and baking powder and we made mini volcanoes.  I've learnt lots from this and I hope we do it again."
Pupil - Colchester High School

"I loved making the circuits and seeing the different motors and machines work. I want Science to be this fun everyday!"
Year 2 Pupil - Flora Gardens Primary School, Hammersmith

"Thank you very much for helping us to learn how to make the most wonderfully smelling perfumes"
Class 5 - St Anselm's RC Primary

"Thank you for helping us to make our brilliant bubbling bath bombs! Love from Class 3".
Class 3 - St Anselm's RC Primary

"Thank you for teaching us, I learned a lot. I enjoyed the solar panels the most. I had no idea that potatoes and lemons can conduct electricity! Everything was cool I loved it. Please come again. Thank you very much."
Year 4 Pupil - Bidborough C of E Primary School

"On Tuesday Dr Francis came in to teach us how a TV works. We had to get a magnet to see how it affects the TV screen. The TV went 3 different colours. It felt really cool and amazing to see how a magnet affects the screen, I liked the activity it was really fun."
Year 6 Pupil - Egerton Primary School

"In the science workshop we looked at the back of a TV, all the different pixels and how three colour can become millions. We learnt that is light is shone through a crystal onto a piece of white paper it will make a rainbow on the paper."
Year 6 Pupil - Egerton Primary School

"We looked at the way a TV works at Dr Francis's workshop, I really enjoyed it because I found out that the graphics are made out of tiny little particles of red, blue and green. We got to explore loads of things like a DVD player and got to wire them up to a battery to make them work."
Year 6 Pupil - Egerton Primary School

"When we saw all the pixels with no colours and dull colours it looked weird and then when we shined the light on it the pixels went multi-coloured. It was amazing, awesome and very clever. The bit I enjoyed the most was when we had to succeed in using motors."
Year 6 Pupil - Egerton Primary School

Science Club

If you are interested in having an Afterschool Science Club in your school. Ask your school to get in touch with us.

Each week we do practical science experiments covering different aspects of science, from electricity generation to making slime and perfumes.

There is no lower limit to the number of children but 15 is a good manageable number of children in each session.

Our Afterschool Science clubs run for 1 hour after school one day a week.

Our afterschool clubs in Newick Primary, Shipbourne Primary, Claremont Primary and Buxted Primary Schools have all been well attended and enjoyed by the children.