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Holiday Workshops

The workshops are suitable for all your budding primary school scientists from ages 6-10 years and can accommodate up to 20 children per session.

Holiday Workshops

Our holiday workshops include fun, unforgetable experiments your children will never forget.  What better way to excite your children about science!

Our fun activities include:

  • making and launching rockets
  • making ice cream using salt and ice
  • racing solar powered cars
  • making simple motors
  • ultra violet treasure hunt
  • making batteries from fruit
  • making hovercrafts
  • making perfume
  • making lipgloss
  • investigating flight – aeroplanes and helicopters
  • pin-hole cameras
  • static electricity
  • astronomy and eclipses
  • making rainbows
  • mirrors and reflections

Contact Working Science to check dates of our next workshop and available places.