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Science Tutoring

Working Science Tutoring can be provided in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths for older children up to GCSE level.

We can provide tutoring for all syllabuses and modules.

Don’t leave it till the last month before your exams to think about getting help – the earlier you start tutoring the more you will benefit at exam time.

Our tutoring sessions will improve your confidence in the subjects where you are lacking either confidence or understanding.  Our style is relaxed and focused on building confidence.

This year our tutees got A*, A’s and B’s in their Physics and Chemistry GCSEs (for additional and further exam papers P2, P3, C2 and C3).

For more information and prices, please contact Working Science.

“Thank you very much for tutoring me for Physics and Chemistry.  I got A’s in all three papers!!”

Lydia Hamlett

“Dr Francis tutored my daughter – she said she was really worried about her Physics P3 exam.  After several weeks of tutor sessions she went into the exam with more confidence than some of her other exams and came out saying it was easy.”

Jade Smith

“Dr Francis tutored my son for Biology and Chemistry.  His confidence improved significantly and he said the exams were easy.”


Safron Bohan