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Science Parties

Give Your Child the Best Science Party Ever!

Celebrate their special day!

Our science parties include amazing practical and exciting demonstrations and experiments your child and their friends will never forget.

Your child will have a memorable time on their special day, their friends will be talking about it for weeks!  We start off with some amazing science demonstrations and then the children do their own ‘hands-on’ science.  The emphasis is definitely on having fun but with some learning thrown in.

Activities will be tailored to your child’s interests and can include:

  • Making and launching rockets
  • Making batteries from fruit
  • Making perfume and lip gloss
  • Making slime
  • Solar powered cars
  • Plasma balls and optical fibres
  • Fun with magnets and motors
  • Ultra-violet treasure hunt
  • Making rainbows
  • Flying with airplanes and helicopters
  • Windmills and creating electricity
  • Digging for fossils
We usually end our parties with all the children making their own ice-cream in a special scientific way, using ice and salt. They choose their favourite flavour and colour and then they can eat it afterwards… and they love it!

Working Science parties are ideal for children aged between 7-10 years.  Up to 20 children could be accommodated (depending on the venue) and activities can be tailored to your child’s interests.

Dr Gareth Francis is a PhD physicist who loves to enthuse children about science.  He is parent to two youngsters, has been fully DBS checked and is fully insured to run childrens parties.

Here’s a letter we received from a happy parent after one of our parties:

“What a fantastic party!

I was a little nervous before it started if Dr Francis would be able to keep eighteen 6 to 7 year olds (with the odd 3 to 5 year old thrown in) attention, having not seen any of these parties before I was not sure what to expect and being science, would it be fun???  But from the moment he said ‘Right Children…’ they were captivated.  The array of activities kept their interest, it was, at best words, organised chaos which was at times was very messy, how he kept his head with the very over excited children I do not know.  He had a good flow of activities, we had wind blowers, erupting volcanoes (which worked for all the children), slime making (which they took home), spaghetti/marshmallow tower making and they made and thoroughly enjoyed their own ice-cream which set whilst they had their food.

A few of the parents joined in at times and also enjoyed the activities… I was congratulated by ALL the parents at the end for a very good party, all thanks to Dr Francis (and my family who helped clear the mess at a few intervals!)

Dr Francis supplied everything at no expense spared, he was worth every penny and I highly recommend anyone wishing to give their children a fabulous, exuberant party which they will all enjoy and be talking about for a good while.”

Julie – Parent of a 7 year old.
Science Parties

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