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Science Outreach

For Companies

If you are a scientific company that wishes to raise its profile in the local community, contact us about providing science outreach activities.  We provide hands-on practical science workshops for primary school age children. On behalf of your company, we will work with local schools and colleges to increase understanding and recognition of the work you do from a scientific perspective.

Working Science Supports Dow Silicones
with Science Education

‘Working Science’, a local Kent based company, is working in partnership with Dow Silicones, a multinational chemical company, in South Wales during National Science Week to enliven primary science education for children in local schools.

The aim of these activities is to encourage more children into science careers by giving them a love for science whilst still in primary school. The focus is on making memorable science experiences that remain with children throughout their education.

Dr Gareth Francis stated, “We have been teaching primary school children about chemicals and giving them hands on opportunities to mix chemicals and get a feel for a career in science.”

Primary age is the ideal age to capture children’s imagination and give them a real love for a career in science. Scientific companies wish to encourage more pupils into science careers, and they have the resources to make science exciting and to relate it to the science used in industry, to give children an insight about the possibilities that a career in science provides.


Working Science has developed a series of highly engaging hands-on science workshops that they deliver week in week out, across the UK in primary schools to support the enrichment of science. Their focus is on the understanding of how science is used in industry to make products and services and we are looking to work with more science based companies in the future to support outreach between industry and the children in education.

During our week of science we had high level representation from the local Mayor and a Welsh Government Assembly Member reinforcing just how important this type of activity is for the UK and local community we are working in.

We realise that companies can have many reasons for wishing to raise their profile in the local community.  Speak to us in confidence and we will:

  • tailor a science workshop around your science research or processes to excite and amaze children
  • contact target schools and arrange dates for workshops
  • perform the workshops to raise your profile in the local community

We have experience in developing exciting science workshops for schools and experience in developing targeted science outreach activities for industry.

We are proud to have provided hands-on science workshops for Dow Silicones during National Science and Engineering Week in 2017, 2018 and 2019.