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Primary Science CPD sessions

In this session we will set up practical science experiments for teachers to experiment with, introducing interesting equipment that can make your teaching more exciting. We explain the science behind the experiments, where necessary, up to a GSCE level.

This will be followed by an interactive question and answer session to expand these subjects so that teachers will have the knowledge and confidence to answer any questions posed by their pupils.

We will also discuss any experiments, recipes and equipment needed to do certain activities that teachers might like to attempt in their classes, to extend and liven up their science teaching and to aid with developing a progression from year to year with subjects such as electrical circuits.

Topics to cover:

  • Forces

    Equal and opposite forces – drawing and explaining balanced forces, rockets

  • Electricity

    Flows of electricity, circuits, commercial circuit boards, motors, generating electricity – using wind generators, fruit, solar panels etc.

  • Light

    Splitting up light, into the colours of the spectrum, bending light in transparent materials and from mirrors, optical fibres

  • Space

    Objects in space, day and night, shadows, phases of the moon, life cycle of stars, formation of the solar system, gravity and the bending of space

  • Chemical reactions

    Mixing chemicals together to make different chemicals – acids and alkalis and purple cabage indicator, making slime from PVA glue

  • Sound and frequency

    Seeing vibrations and the kinds of materials that sound travels best in

  • Chromatography

    A way of separating dyes using the solubility of those dyes in water

Please contact Dr Gareth Francis to discuss your requirements and tailor a CPD session for your school.