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Plastic pollution beach measurements

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How much rubbish do you think can be washed up in 24 hours on a beach? In August 2019, whilst on holiday, we noticed large amounts of plastic waste washed up on a beach in Thailand. We wondered why it had not been cleared up by the big hotels…

Visit to the Whipple Museum & Royal Society

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Science Advertures with Dr Gareth Francis VISIT TO THE WHIPPLE MUSEUM & ROYAL SOCIETY Working Science visited Cambridge to the Whipple Museum to see some early Newtonian telescopes made by William Herschel in around 1790, and some early el…

Adventures with lava at the Volcano on Hawaii

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Science Adventures with Dr Gareth Francis Adventures with Lava on the Volcano in Hawaii with Dr Gareth Francis There are so many interesting places in the worksd to visit to eng…